The Strategic Leadership of Learning Masterclass


A Development Programme for Strategic Leaders of Education Services
In Edinburgh, Scotland, 14-18 May 2018

We are no longer taking bookings for this conference, but please do contact us if these issues are of interest 

Leading Change

A key focus of the conference is Leading Change - not just change for the sake of change, but how to build a programme of change that is makes a positive difference to outcomes for young people; how to identify and shape priorities and how to plan interventions.

Leading Learning

The second key focus is Leading Learning.  Senior Education Leaders need to understand how policy makers and administrators can influence the quality of learning and teaching in the classroom, articulating and identifying good practice that can be shared.

Leading People

This section of the programme will focus on how we introduce leadership at all levels, examining Professional Standards and Performance Management across the globe.  It will introduce tools and methods that have been shown lead to long-term improvements.

More than a conference

This leadership development programme is designed for School Superintendents, Directors of Education and senior Ministry professionals who want to know how to influence learning and improve attainment through policy and strategy at a national or district level.

Workshops and Tools

The programme is all about how to lead change and deliver improved performance, not from within one school, but at a District level.  The programme does not just consist of random lectures.  It includes tools and methodologies that have been used to improve educational outcomes across the world.

Breadth and Depth

The programme includes case studies that go beyond looking at successful systems to look at the features of education systems, and how education outcomes can be improved through strategic intervention.  It looks at examples from across the globe, examining some in considerable depth.

David Cameron

David has led Children's Services, national programmes and countless education intervention programmes.  As well as being a gifted speaker, David is an outstanding facilitator who engages conference participants in examining - and improving - their practice. 



Malcolm Payton

Malcolm is a Director of Education ( /Schools Superintendent) who has developed School Leadership programmes that have been used in a dozen countries.  He has led national and international education programmes and advised Education Ministries in a number of countries.  


Frank Crawford

As HM Chief Inspector of Education. Frank led the development and implementation of the "Journey to Excellence" and many other initiatives.  He has developed a comprehensive set of tools to aid school improvement and leads educational change programmes across the world.




The Conference will take place in the Hilton Edinburgh Grosvenor Hotel in Edinburgh
the capital of Scotland and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The programme includes a number of cultural visits and events including
a visit to the Scottish Parliament and a Ceilidh (Scottish Dance).








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