The Strategic Leadership of Learning Masterclass


A Development Programme for Strategic Leaders of Education Services
In Edinburgh, Scotland, 14-18 May 2018

We are no longer taking bookings for this conference, but please do contact us if these issues are of interest 

Learning from Scottish Education

We provide a range of consultancy and support services to Education systems across the world. Just one of these is to support educationalists who wish to visit Scotland and gain insight into some of the lessons we have learned in our journey to educational excellence.  The system is of course far from perfect, but we have led the way with developments that include:

  • The world's first national intranet for schools
  • A structure of inspection that includes inspecting the education function of local municipalities
  • A graduate profession, where every teacher must be register with the General Teaching Council and meet their Professional Standards
  • A set of published Quality Indicators that are used by schools, local municipalities and the national inspection service
  • A curriculum based on the four capacities we are seeking to develop: Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Active Citizens and Effective Contributors

In these and other areas, education experts from Scotland can share insight into the bits that worked, the bits that were the most difficult and the way we have adapted our approach and strategy in the light of the lessons learned.

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