The Strategic Leadership of Learning Masterclass


A Development Programme for Strategic Leaders of Education Services
In Edinburgh, Scotland, 14-18 May 2018

We are no longer taking bookings for this conference, but please do contact us if these issues are of interest 

What will I learn and experience?

This programme is an intensive, but very enjoyable, week of learning.

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Keynote speeches are delivered by experts with global experience. They are interactive, informative and engaging.


The week is not just about sitting listening however, it is designed as an active learning experience which involves working with tools and activities designed to bring focus to the learning and to ensure it is directly relevant and applicable.  Delegates will be supported to work through tasks that include prioritisation, planning and presentation, all at their own pace and in the context of their own context and challenges.  The result is that participants will come away form the conference with a clear plan for the next steps they have to make, and a clear idea of how to make these steps as well as insight into global practices.

If you join us at this Masterclass in the Strategic Leadership of Education, you will leave with:

 An enhanced understanding of not just how to implement change, but how to implement change that makes a positive difference in outcomes for young people;
 An increased range of strategies and tools to support you in your work;
 A wide range of contacts with colleagues who face the same issues and demands;
 A greater awareness of the steps being taken by colleagues in similar roles, and;
 A more developed plan of action to apply in your own context.


Types of Activity

The Programme uses a variety of approaches to provide the maximum impact.  These include:


Keynote speeches

Keynote speeches are delivered by educational leaders with extensive experience and expertise.  They are informative, interactive and engaging, drawing on international experience of supporting improvement in educational outcomes.

Tools and Workshops

The programme includes a range of tools and activities that have been designed to ensure learning is embedded and applicable.

Coffee and Refreshments

Breaks are not just designed as "down time" but are there to provide consolidation, discussion and networking. 


This is an international conference which includes opportunities to learn from other countries.


Our approach is based on the most established and current learning theory, which includes breaks, paced learning, interleaving, review and active learning.

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